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Fetal Alcohol Services of Alaska

Photo of Debra Evensen
Deb Evensen
PO Box 1092
Homer, Alaska 99603

Deb is currently on contract with the Yukon FASSY program.
Contact her there:
(867) 335-1211

The goal of this project is to provide statewide assistance, through training, technical assistance and support, to schools, individuals, families and communities working with children affected by FAS and other alcohol related disabilities. Services include consultation, education and training for the development of effective methods and strategies to teach and maximize learning in children prenatally exposed to alcohol.

Services are available to public schools, private schools, pre-schools and parents who homeschool their children, as well as school administration and school boards. In addition, services will be available to other community agencies and individuals who work directly with affected children in settings outside of the school arena, such as infant learning programs, early intervention programs, child protective services, village councils, health professionals, mental health and social services workers, and the judicial system.

FAS Alaska Program Coordinator: Debra Evensen