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Fetal Alcohol Services of Alaska

Common Misinterpretations of Normal Responses In
Children/Adolescents/Adults with FAS and FAE

from Integrated Active Learning
1994-2002 Deb Evensen

Accurate Interpretation
Noncompliance Willful misconduct, attention seeking, stubborn Difficulty translating verbal directions into action, doesn’t understand
Repeatedly making the same mistakes Willful misconduct, manipulative Can’t link cause to effect, can’t see similarities, difficulty generalizing
Often late Lazy, slow, poor parenting, willful misconduct Can’t understand the abstract concept of time, needs assistance organizing
Not sitting still Seeking attention, bothering others, willful misconduct Neurologically based need to move while learning, sensory overload
Poor social judgment Poor parenting, willful misconduct, abused child Not able to interpret social cues from peers, doesn’t know what to do
Overly physical Willful misconduct, deviancy Hyper or hypo-sensitive to touch, doesn’t understand social cues regarding boundaries
Doesn’t work independently Willful misconduct, poor parenting Chronic memory problems, can’t translate verbal directions into action